Will-o-Wisp Counseling’s mission is to provide online mental health therapy to adult individuals.


If you’re dealing with social anxiety, panic attacks, or grief, you’re in the right place. Have you been feeling like fear and worry are holding you back? Are you feeling stretched too thin, do you feel stuck? We work with people of all genders and sexual orientation, especially those who want to feel happier, more free, and fulfilled in their daily life.

Why Will-o-Wisp?

Will-o-Wisps are beings of light that appear in many stories and fairytales across the world. Sometimes they are tricksters that lead you into traps deep in the forest, other times they are helpful guides. Life is a path we are constantly choosing.


Gwen Dezelske, LCSW

Gwen began her career focused on working with the older adult population affected by Alzheimer’s. She has worked as a social work case manager, telephonic counselor, program manager, and therapist in private practice.

Raising quality of life has been the main focus of her work with individuals. She has a passion for empowering people to pursue paths that feel truly authentic and free. She lives with her husband and dog in Colorado and practices in Colorado, Texas, and Virginia.